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Monthly Archives: February 2017

The Armani Exchange Quartz Men’s Watch

The Armani Exchange Men’s Watch is a proof for fine watch-making at a rock-bottom price for those who doubt it. It proves being dapper has nothing against for being down to earth and secures a firm position between being offensively loud and deliberately understated. That’s to say, it makes possible to appear dressed to kill without deviating from the workplace norms.

The Armani Exchange Quartz Men’s Watch stuns you with its ornate simplicity right off the bat! Creating a subtle contrast between the two halves of the black dial, the signature satin-finished logo comes alive to prominence in both a bold and fun way. It is the kind of prominence that doesn’t hurt the eyes but makes it hard to ignore. It attracts rather than pushing its way to your psyche with all its might!

The Armani Exchange Quartz Men’s Watch shows how subtle touches can bring all the difference amidst an all-black look. It brings the kind of sleekness that imparts a classy edginess while keeping the casual appeal intact! The elements of the Armani Exchange Quartz Men’s Watch mesh beautifully with each other and make the different shades of the monochrome stand out at their own merits! It contributes to the ways the ATLC exhibits its masculine elegance without deviating from its classy feel. The combination of a single colour and a minimalistic design is always sharp and nonchalant!

The details of the Armani Exchange Rose Gold ATLC Black Dial AX1366 Men’s Watch too are undoubtedly classy. The refined shades of black keep things from getting distracting on the face of the watch and accommodate minimum details to bring out the impact, which is a fresh take on a hybrid design that embraces both casual and sleek.

The Armani Exchange Chronograph ATLC Black Dial AX1366 Men’s Watch is a hardy and resilient piece nonetheless. It’s water resistant till depths of 150 feet (5 ATM) and its mineral crystal dial ensures its unyielding nature to sudden shocks and impacts, making it an ideal choice for the active guy who also gives in to sudden provocations to outdoor activities. With a highly-efficient Japanese-quartz movement ticking inside, there’s no way you’ll find yourself out of time for things you consider to be the best parts of your life!

Luxury Watch Brands Names

TAG Heuer- (tag hoy-er)

The Swiss brand is well-known for novelty, performance and precision. It convey passion and prestige during their stunning creations. The brand has newly launched an ultra current smart watch – TAG Heuer Connected.

Piaget- (pi-yah-jay)

Ranked as 6th most important jewellery brand, Piaget has been one of the oldest watch makers since 20th century. The name is as attractive as the collection of watches. With the select designs and excellent timepiece, the brand was one of the primary one to launch world’s thinnest hand-wound automatic watch.

Longines- (lawn-zheen)

Well recognized for ‘Aviator’ range of watches, this make rules the watch making business with the most elegant timepiece. A Switzerland-based company was found in 1832 by Auguste Agassiz. Aishwariya Rai Bachchan truly promote the brand’s DNA – “Elegance is an position”.

Chopard- (Show-paar)

The brand names has its own line of pocket watches and ladies watches. found by Louis-Ulysse Chopard in 1860, the brand has an beautiful collection of timepieces that absolutely fall into your wish-list.

Jaquet Droz (Jack-we-dRoz)

The spirit of innovation truthfully reflects in the Jaquet Droz collection of timepiece. Founded by Pierre Jaquet-Droz, the company manufacture world-famous watch mechanisms. The watches are well-known for their crafty characteristics and glittery dials that enhance the character of the wearer.

Tissot – (Tee-soh)

Tissot has been the bureaucrat timekeeper of sports. The diversity of its compilation is rooted in its reliable Swiss heritage. The collection speak the elegance that is depicted in each watch. The glamour of the watches is wholly radiant and bold. Emerged with a new series of biker’s compilation named as ‘Moto GP’, the watch has turn into one of the most favourite of the bikers all over.

Bvlgari – (Bull-gar-ee)

A brand own not only watches but has their hands on jewellery, accessories, fragrances & hotels. The brand manufactures extremely complicated mechanism and develop calibres parts. It is well-known for creation geometric timepieces.

With Innovation and originality, the brands have made a strong place in the market. The content helps wearers say the names of the brand properly.

The Movado Sapphire Synergy Chronograph Swiss Made

The first thing about the Movado Sapphire Synergy Chronograph Swiss Made Quartz 0606501 Mens Watch that draws your attention towards it is its bold design doesn’t depend on a thick and wide bezel unlike so many other chronograph watches. Instead, the dress-chrono concept of the Synergy relies heavily on its flat sapphire crystal that flows into and merges to the very edge of the case. It creates a fluid surface that doesn’t break, maintaining the simple, rounded sleekness of the watch case that follows the curve of the wrist. It brings the kind of comfort found only in highly technical watches with the highest levels of ergonomics.

The Movado Amorosa Chronograph Swiss Made Quartz 0606501 Mens Watch brings enough drama in terms of streamlined sophistication through its excellent design, achieved only through pure dedication to Swiss craftsmanship, which remains valid as much as it was in 1881. It brought the Synergy chronograph its vintage standard in the realms of unprecedented craftsmanship, which showcases through its overall built and especially, through its black, Museum-inspired chronograph dial, with 3 sub-dials displays of 30 seconds, 30 minutes and 12 hours. The PVD finish stainless steel bezel and watch case maintains both parity and continuity of the design while the white hands, markings and date feature bring a striking yet pleasing contrast that makes for premium visibility factor.

The Sapphire crystal shield covering the dial is the most durable and expensive of the kind; it’s 20 times harder than normal glass and acrylic crystals and 3 times clearer than the mineral crystals. The Swiss Quartz movement inside is also one of the premium kinds, ensuring flawless accuracy and a l-o-o-o-n-g battery life.

The Movado Classic Chronograph Swiss Made Quartz 0606501 Mens Watch is a great choice for them looking for a classy day-time wear that doubles up as an elegant evening wear; its youthful design matches the laid back jeans as much as a dark, three piece suit and ethnic attires. That’s what marks its success as a genius creation that’s truly unique; as a rare piece of functional accessory that stands out effortlessly as one of the hallmark timepieces in the modern world.