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Monthly Archives: March 2017

Consider these Things before Buy a Designer Wood Watch


the first thing that you need to consider when you plan to buy a watch is the warranty period. The warranty acts as a guarantee that in case you face any issues with your watch within the stipulated period mentioned, you will be able to get it repaired or replaced without any hassle.

Type of watch

there are so many different styles of watch in the market that you are sure to get spoilt for choices. There are formal styles and informal styles. You can select from digital and analogue variety. Leather bands, material bands are another popular option. You can opt for Fashion wood watch as well. They are quite stylish and sassy to say the least.


when you have decided to give a watch as a gift, go for something valuable. Don’t buy something that is available in any run of the mill store. So decide on the budget that you would like to spend. To have an idea on how much it will cost you to purchase Square watch, we recommend that you browse through several sites to see what is the cost charged and accordingly decide on the budget. It is always a better idea to have a flexible budget so that in case the watch you like is expensive, you will be better prepared to afford it.

Buy as per personality

when you are purchasing the watch keep in mind the personality of the wearer. What kind of style does he have? If he has simple tastes then go for a simple design but in case he likes to experiment go for an offbeat and uncommon design.

Delivery and shipping procedure

As you will be purchasing the watch from an online store don’t forget to check out the delivery procedure and the shipping charges. There are some stores that don’t charge any extra shipping cost while there are others that charge an extra amount. So find out more about this.

Four Time Zone Dial Mens Watch

The Diesel Daddies Mens Watch – rather, the Timeframe, is a reflection of the confident and assertive, go-getting nature of the wearer. It’s large and loud; grave yet knows the ways to appreciate colourfulness but all within a limit! The 4-Timezone is way ahead of the rules of casual watch designing; it is more about blazing new grounds and stunning everyone around.

The Diesel Daddies Gunmetal Mens Watch comes under the Diesel Daddies series; watches with a truly dynamic look and feel! It all comes due to the feature-rich dial, utilizing orange accents that add even more prominence to the surrounding gunmetal finish. Simply put, the Diesel Daddies Gunmetal Time Zone Dial DZ7315 Mens Watch puts all other casual men’s watches to shame, combining an analog chronograph and four different time zone indicators, bringing the best to travellers, pilots, sportsmen and fashionistas alike!

The Diesel Little Daddy Mens Watch delivers a brazen attitude with style, which essentially comes from its multiple layered dial and a vibrant contrast brought about by its markers and hands. Apart from its regular timekeeping function, it scores with its extra features, which are essentially its at-a-glance 4-time zones display and the stopwatch function that leaves the wearer with a big smile to match the big watch-face. The build quality is an excellent one; the finish and details impeccable!

However, you must be feeling apprehensive if this big a watch is going to suit you unless you really have a BIG fascination towards large watches, but stay rest assured that unless you got a matchstick of a wrist, the Diesel Daddies Gunmetal Ion-Plated Chronograph Four Time Zone Dial DZ7315 Mens Watch is going to sit comfortably without costing you your own comfort.

The Diesel Little Mens Watch overflows with sophistication, reliability and brevity and makes the perfect gift for the BRAVE! Extra large and every bit masculine, its overall built and finish rivals watches that are many folds higher in price; its groovy gray and you are sure to bow in front of it for going against the set norms. Striking in its every sense, it is well worth every penny.

Things to Know before Buying Rolex Watch

Deciding on the Model

Buying your Rolex watch is not just like buying a piece of accessory. It is an investment. So, it is natural when you are investing that amount of money the stakes will be too high as well. As Rolex watch comes in limited designer editions, it is important to zero on a model that will be perfect for you. If you are thinking of an outdoorsy model that will give an edgy feel, opt for Rolex Submarine. If classic and traditional watches are your styles, opt for the Datejust. It has been around since 1945 and is a part of a collection of many iconic personalities. For more of a modern look, go for Yacht Master. For a sleek and sporty style, statement this one is perfect.

Where to Buy

Finding the right place to buy Rolex watches is not plenty in number. I am sure as you are buying thins for the first time, you need to think of the right place. As it is quite a big investment you need to find the authentic Rolex watch dealer and Watch Repair. Buying online is not really a good option as you are paying not before looking at it physically. A bit of research on the internet is necessary to find the best retailer of authentic Rolex watch.

Spot the Fake Ones

As Rolex is a name acclaimed worldwide it becomes obvious that there will be plenty of fake ones too. There are many watch dealers who will give you the absolute lookalike, and rob you of your money. The fake ones are manufactured in a way so that you won’t be able to recognize the fake ones. There are few things that can help you to identify the fake ones,

  • If you find the price too good to be true you need to find out whether the shop dealer is authentic or not.
  • Rolex Cyclope lenses are almost perfect. Still, if you find it difficult to see the magnified date it is a fake model.
  • Rolex watches are completely waterproof. In fact, you can test it by dipping it in the water for few seconds. If you find any leakage in the watch, it is not the original.
  • Check the case back and engraving. Any misspelling, any other metal than steel or anything less than perfectly cut will make sure that you are holding a fake one in your hand.

Find the best watch and Jewelry Store and buy the first original Rolex watch. Show off the elegance and panache with a touch of class.