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Monthly Archives: April 2017

Consider these Things before Finalizes an Authentic Omega Watch Retailer

  • The first thing that one needs to check out is how authentic the retailer is. They need to look at the ranking on the Google’s search results properly before buying. Also the next step is to check the location of their service centre and its nearness to the buyer’s location.
  • One also needs to keep in mind or check the tenure of their business. The longer they are in the market the more authentic and trustworthy they would be. It is always better to find out what goodwill or brand-value they hold in the market.
  • The buyers need to find out if their relatives or friends have bought a watch from that retailer and how satisfied they are with their customer support and after-sales services. Also, whether they recommend the same to others or not? One also needs to check out other customers’ reviews and ratings about them online.
  • They may also have a detailed research on terms and conditions of their delivery and return policies and whether their chosen retailer is updated with the latest collection at all times.
  • Finally they can contact them for the best offers that can be receive on the timepiece. And, when they are absolutely sure they can go for buying it.

These 5 hassle-free steps have been compiled for the buyers who want to genuinely own a luxury watch without falling prey to unethical means. It is hoped that these steps will help the customers in the long run and they can buy their most precious genuine Omega Watches.

Top Swiss Men Watch Brands


Omega SA, the Swiss luxury watch-maker is based in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland and is currently owned by the Swatch Group. It has a history of being the fore-runner to many historical events, which include Britain’s Royal Flying Corps and the American Army choosing Omega as its official timekeeper for its combat units in the year 1917 and 1918 respectively. Omega has also been pioneering the Olympic Games since 1932. NASA, the space researching pioneer of the world glorified Omega’s brand value a lot more by choosing one of its timepieces for their most significant expedition on the Moon in the year 1969. The world’s favourite spy James Bond has also adorned the timepieces on his wrist since 1995; other famous Omega wearers also include John F. Kennedy, Prince William, and Buzz Aldrin to name a few.


Rolex SA along with its subsidiary Montres Tudor SA delineate, produce, dispense and maintain timepieces which are sold under the brand-name of Rolex and Tudor. Originally founded by Alfred Davis and Hans Wilsdorf in London, England in 1905 under the name of Wilsdorf and Davis, Rolex finally shifted its base to Geneva, Switzerland in the year 1919. Forbes on its 2014 list of the world’s most powerful global brands ranked Rolex as No.72. Today, Rolex has acquired of the largest single luxury watch brand, and produces about 2,000 watches per day, with estimated revenues of US$7.7 billion only in the year 2012.


Rado being a comprehensive craftsman of Swiss watches has been manufacturing the best timepieces since its inception in the year 1917 as the Schlup & Co. under the entrepreneurial of three brothers Fritz, Ernst and Werner Schlup. Currently it has its headquarters in Lengnau, Switzerland. Rado is the pioneer of many technologies currently used in the watch-making craft and was the first one in the world to give the use of scratch-proof materials. In the present scenario the company produces about half a million timepieces yearly and has a dedicated team of about 470 employees and craftsmen, the best in the world. Rado’s chain is the largest today in the world of watch retailing and its timepieces are purchased by buyers of more than 150 countries, at over 5900 points of sale. Rado has a well-diversified market which is stretched in countries like South-East Asia, Japan, China, India, Middle East as well as countries in Europe such as Switzerland, Germany, Italy and the USA.

These are the top brands of luxury watches that rule the world with their beauty, craftsmanship, mechanism and grandeur. These are a forever favourite of all the men who are an ardent watch enthusiast and like to flaunt their attitude in swag.

Seiko Chronograph Mens Watch

A high-end watch is the culture of luxury. You either live in it or you don’t. Understand the culture of luxury – it is collective desire and appreciation for everything finely made with display tags reading expensive, classy, high-society etc. To be successfully successful, good taste important.

Luxury is also about social values and the Seiko Velatura Yachting Timer SPC149P1 SPC149P SPC149 Mens Watch act as a very real descriptor. It allows you to be comfortable in social involvements while keeping you ready for scenarios where it can display its real prowess.

The launch of the Velatura series (2007) got Seiko started challenging the open oceans. Characterized by robustness, durability and high functionality, Velatura is the watch partner of the International 49er Class Association. It currently forms the core for the brand’s renowned marine collections and it amazes also with its unique design and advanced features, not just by its high performance. It comes specially developed for professional sailors.

Seiko gives functionality an upper hand with the Seiko Chronograph SPC149P1 SPC149P SPC149 Mens Watch. It is an advanced instrument for yacht racing, in a unique, striking design. Functional and attractive, it satisfies the highest of professional standards.

The Seiko Velatura Chronograph SPC149P1 SPC149P SPC149 Mens Watch is extremely tough but at the same time, extremely light, because it’s hard-coated stainless steel with greater toughness achieved through a thinner gauge. The bezel, the case-back, the crown are all screwed into the case, resulting in a powerful construction. Its 100m water-resistance and an excellent shock-resistance are perfect for everything, apart from deep-sea diving.

The colourful dial enhances the aesthetics by bringing in a peppy look, not found in too many serious watches. There’s a preset yachting countdown timer on the dial. It shows 5, 6 and 10 minute countdowns after which, the chronograph starts automatically. The Seiko Velatura 7T84 Caliber offers a free-set countdown timer too that’s set in 1 minute increments and covers up to 15 minutes.

The chronograph function provides split-time measurements and can count up to 12 hours. It shows 1/5-second increments and allows restarting the counters any moment with fast transition of the hands to where they were previously.

There are two alarms – single time and regular. In regular mode, it will beep everyday at the preset time while for the single, it’s only for once. Now, that’s pretty useful in a day to day, urban life.